Sunday, May 13, 2012

Blog 32: My Mom is the Wind Beneath My Wings

This is Mother's Day, May 13, 2012, and I wanted to post something different, something special for my mom.  My last post was about my mom being placed in a nursing home one year ago.  This post is current.  I will go back to where I left off on my next post.

Today I spoke to my mom on the phone and I told her Happy Mother's Day!  She said, thank you, same to you!  I was happy that she remembered that I am a mom, and I have kids.  I asked her if she got the Mother's Day card I sent her.  She said she wasn't sure if she got it, but I asked one of the staff and they said she did.  It's one of those musical cards that when you open it up it plays 'You Are My Sunshine'.  She was sitting on a bench outside of her room and she started singing the song, to which I sang right along with her.  She was just belting out the words and she knew every last one, too.  It sure put a smile on my face.  I knew then that she most likely had been looking at the card, over and over again, because that's what she does.

I am not able to see my mom today, sadly, but I was with her just a couple of weeks ago.  She asked me if I was coming over because she didn't want to be there alone.  Usually I remind her that I don't live close by anymore but I will be there real soon.  This time I told her I would come over.  Why not give her a happy moment?  It makes her feel good, and she won't remember anyway.  I know some of my sisters were going to go see her today, so she won't be alone.

The "Wind Beneath My Wings" song makes me think of my mom.  She made so many sacrifices in her life for her daughters and grandchildren.  My sister had the words to this song embroidered and placed in a frame that hung on Mom's living room wall for years.  I will forever be grateful for what she has done for us. She is my hero, she is the wind beneath my wings.  I love you so much, Mom!


  1. Very sweet. I'm really happy you and mom got to spend a brief moment together on Mother's Day -to whether it was on the phone or in real life. My own mom passed away when I was 19 (almost 20 yrs ago). You're very fortunate even though I know life can sometimes try topple us over.

    Moms really are pretty awesome aren't they :)

    I wish you and mom the best. Happy (belated) Mother's Day!!

    1. Thank you! I do thank the Lord that she is still here. I wish things could be different, but I appreciate the fact that she still remembers me, and I can still hug her, talk to her, and laugh with her.

  2. This song always reminds me of her and now it reminds me of you too. You are the best mom in the world. You learned from your mom how to let me shine.

    Love, your daughter

  3. Hi Lizzie,

    This is a very touching post for me as I just placed my mom in an Assisted Living Facility about 1 week ago. My mom is 73 and is coming into the later stages of Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's Sucks.

    Thank you for sharing,